April 24, 2010

We're are only making Reviews here.....

If you are confused or Lost in which product to go for especially when there are so many products in the category of "Getting Your Ex Back", don't worry,You have come to the right place!

Based on extensive and unbiased research from hundreds of review sites all across the web on the top products in this category, I manage to compile some necessary information and point you in the best direction to get the answers you have been searching for. This will definitely save you a ton of research time and effort. This lens will cover the best guides that focus on ways of getting your ex back and answers the question. How Do I Get My Ex Back?

Without getting ripped off in the process!!

(1) The Magic of Making Up

Top rated product in the get your ex back market place...

The Magic of Making Up. I'm very sure you would definitely come across this book if you have done searches on how to get your ex back in the internet. It is everywhere and is the top selling and most popular "Getting your ex back" eBook that will show you how to get your ex back.

The author gets straight to the point and starts with understanding why your relationship ended to re-igniting the spark of passion and desire to easing back into your relationship and maintaining the fun and love. There is also a chapter dedicated to those who can't save their relationship and how to move on with grace. It is the number one selling ebook in this category and outsells all the other guides combined.

The author, T.W. Jackson Person is kind of a lovable country fella that uses his easy demeanor and genuine attitude to get his point across. He was in the U.S. military since he was 17 years old and has lived long-term in five countries and eleven states. His circumstances have allowed him to get to know so many different people and understand them better than he would if he lived in just one place all his life. There is no deception or dirty tricks in this book and from the collected feedback found across more than a dozen forums, the book does indeed work like "magic". Returns on this product are less than 5% and the program is available in ebook format or audio. The price is

The book comes with a
60 day money back warranty and is hosted by a third party processing platform that is the most trusted payment and delivery management system online today so you can buy with confidence and they handle all warranties and will refund your money when you ask, for any reason whatsoever.

Those that have voted on this program give it an 8 out of 10

Watch the video to get a feel for the author

This video shows just how country our author is but if you listen to the compassion in his voice you can tell that he really wishes to help.

You can check out the Magic Of Making Up program by
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(2) Second Chance Romance

Another Recovery Opportunity...

Second Chance Romance is a relationship guide by author and "Underground Breakup Expert" Jason Hicks. It provides techniques, tricks and tips on how to heal a broken heart, overcome past relationship mistakes and implement the correct methods on getting your ex back quickly and permanently. The author Jason Hicks calls the tactics and strategies outlined in his guide "almost illegal mind control" tricks.

Second Chance Romance is a bit of a newcomer to the arena of books offering advice on relationships but seems to be rocketing to the top of the charts and appears to be not only popular but helpful to those seeking advice on how to get back together with their ex. In his book, Jason Hicks shows you not only what to do to get a second chance with your ex but what not to do. He provides a step by step plan that is said to be "powerfully effective" and uses human psychology to help you get that second chance that you may be looking for.

I have not seen any negative reviews so far. Some reviews, however, say that this is just like any other book on relationship repair. In fact, there were people saying that it is tantamount to plagiarism considering that some parts and advice are written exactly the same. There have been several books on exactly the same topic written before this. One setback in my opinion is the Second Chance Romance doesn't have any videos to support. Though many competitors do not have as well but no harm having some introductory or testimonials videos to convey the message and confidence.

You can check out the Second Chance Romance program by
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Those that have voted on this program give it a 7 out of 10

(3) Pull Your Ex Back

Controversial methods used but popular program with good reviews

Honestly, this is not my idea of a good program but who am I to judge? That is what this site is all about, ranking programs based on a number of independent factors while remaining unbiased, so here goes.

Okay, this author,
Ryan Hall, openly admits he uses almost forbidden persuasive techniques that are almost illegal and may be withdrawn soon to Pull you Ex Back. He also mentioned that the discounted price from $99 down to $47 is only valid for 24 hours. I have gone back to the site after several days while compiling feedbacks on the various get your ex back programs, surprisingly the "24 hour" offer never ended and was always there.

Yes, I'm trying to remain neutral here but this type of ad copy makes me rather uneasy as I feel threatened to buy it within the 24 hours before the price goes up. Actually, he does not need to do that because Pull Your Ex Back is indeed a very popular book among readers in this market and the techniques he teaches are very effective, not really "dirty" in any way. Just ad hype I suppose.

This program is sold off the same platform as the Magic of Making Up so it comes with the same guarantee and security of the top management platform around, so you can buy this guide with confidence.

I have not come across anyone who says the material is offensive and all in all, the program received high marks for effectiveness and value for the money.

You can check out
Pull Your Ex Back program by Clicking Here

Those that have voted on this program give it an 7 out of 10

"True" Testimonial

This is from the Pull Your Ex Back website and is supplied as a promotional tool. I'm not sure how effective it is at promoting the program but various forums have shown that this is a very good and highly rated product out there.

I'd check it out and see what kind of vibe you get.

(4) Win Back Love

Mixed feedback, overall positive results for the price.

Another of copyright tricks which are not really necessary since the product is good. This is at the bottom of the sales letter:

Order the entire WIN BACK LOVE System, including all the bonuses valued at $285.95, for just
$199.95, $149.95, $97, $67, $47
(This EXTREME DISCOUNT Special Offer
is guaranteed through XXXXX Only)

Once again, I'm not comfortable with Cancellation over each price as it goes down. Also the Special offer guaranteed date XXXXX is always changing when the time is up.

I'm not a big fan of this price slashing and the Special offer date is misleading as it keeps changing for how long this offer would be lasting.

The author, Annalyn Caras, seems unsure of how to put together a comfortable sales letter. Based on various forums and relationship groups, the material in the book is difficult to read as well.

There is a large drop-off from this book compared to the number one rated program and the price is higher. They do give away two bonus books which could be free and found on the internet but at least they took the leg work out of it for you. You have the opportunity to sign up for a free ten part e-course before buying, which I think in my opinion (couldn't find any other comments about the free course) is nothing more than a glorified sales pitch for the main program. That is perfectly alright and is pretty normal since nobody will give away their program for free. Just that I would expect a lot more value in exchange for my email address.

Please do not let my words affect you from checking out the free e-course as once again who am I to judge. I have made mistakes in past programs and therefore I hate to evaluate the free e-course myself without other input from users

The book is sold at Clickbank so again you can get a 60 day guarantee and order with confidence.

You can check out Win Back Love program by
Clicking Here

Those that have voted on this program give it an 5 out of 10

Impressive video, seems sincere but the deceptive sales tactics....

Not much to comment here. I would checkout the free course to see if I can get anything out of it. The bonuses are there as well but according to comments you can get better value for the money. This program could have been ranked fourth or fifth.

(5) Back Together Forever

Wow, a video course...cool

The Back Together Forever course put together by James Kern, is up and coming because it is an actual video course. There is a lot of positive feedback about it. However one thing I noticed was many folks mentioned that they almost did not buy the course because the sales page was so crappy which may give the same implication to the product as well. One comment said that obviously the author's expertise was in making enjoyable videos and not in writing sales copy. Honestly, the page is in fact ugly.

The video course would be interesting for people who love to watch than read. There were a lot of screen shots used probably from a power point presentation but that does not negate the quality of the product. As for the effectiveness at getting your ex back, the reviews in the forums are pretty good although there are only a handful of them. Once again, the product is at Clickbank so you get the 60 day guarantee and one thing people were saying is that if you are a visual learner, then this is the one. Personally, I rated it fourth overall because of the lack of user feedback and the lousy sales page that does nothing for the buyers confidence.

There are bonuses and a free "Love" report that I did not take the time to review.
The price is $47 with the scratched through real price tag of $127, so you get quite a deal...at least they don't say it is for 24 hours only !

Best I could say, you could give this a 6 out of 10 rating...which may go up as more feedback comes in.

You can check out
Back Together Forever Program by Clicking Here

The above are just some of the top guides in the category of Getting Your Ex Back'. I wanted to provide some reliable guides and feedback on programs designed to get your ex back. Yes, they can be used for marriages but I was trying to keep the price tags down below $50 with focus on boyfriend girlfriend relationships.

Verdict: Every product has its own merit. It all depends on the individual's needs, preference and situation. My personal advice is to go for a good proven and time tested product that can cover all aspects of getting your ex back be it your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, fiancé or fiancée.

Anyway, you are wise hence will best know your choice.